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September Updates!

Updates for the Bitten Prim! There is new Merchandise coming, I am working on a few styles of candle that should light up your evenings on your sim. There will be some adult products finally released by the end of the year barring my continued health issues. I cannot build if I cannot compute sadly. The big news, though? The Steam Hunt and the Unknown hunt items are ready! Starting on September 1st you can pop into the prim and dig around for the prizes.

In not so fun news Linden Labs had an asset server issue and it ate all the builds I ever made. They have purportedly been restored but if you have any issues please contact me in world via the Morsmordre Furman account. Send a notecard if I am offline. If you do not get a reply with in the next two days send it again. I may be offline for health reasons but SL may have also just not sent the card. I want to give my customers the best service.

There are new freebies in the Lucky Hutches and Boards at my shops, please enjoy them.


If you miss the hunts, the original items as well as other versions of the hunt items will be going on sale in November.



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