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Custom Creation Order Information

This is a direct copy of the note card that you can find in world at my shop. In order to serve you better, I need you to contact me about this IN WORLD. You can ask questions here but, you won’t get an answer.

Hello! Thank you for your interest in custom object creation. Are you just not finding that item you want? Well you have found the right place.

For all custom work, there is a minimum fee of 500L, this fee is negotiable but this is your deposit and our mutual assurity that you really want this. There is a second 25L an hour fee. I will IM you or if you are offline I will NC you with the start and end times for each project.  Permissions do effect the final price.

If you are working with a budget, again, I will try to work with you. On top of that, if I already know what you want exists, I will help you find it. The Bitten Prim is not about making a profit, any would be nice, but it is more about giving a quality second life experience to you!

For more information please copy and paste the following into a new note card, name the note card “Custom Item Information Request” and send that to Morsmordre Furman. Even if she looks like she is online.

SL Name:
Item You Desire:
Any other pertinent information:

A final note, please do NOT send your deposit until you and Morsmordre Furman have discussed the transaction. I may not be able to complete the task or I will find it instead.  If you do not hear from Morsmordre Furman with in 3 days of sending your Notecard please presume she did not receive it. Thank you!

Custom Objects Made Thus Far Include:
Animations, Adult Object, Furniture, Roleplaying Enhancements (visible effects for your character’s powers), and more! There is no limit to the imagination, so lets not limit Second Life!


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