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November Updates!

October was a Spooktacular Month. I have put all the hunt items for past hunts into the vendor so if you missed them? Drop in and pick them up.

Luckily I hadn’t sold any yet but I did have an error in the vendors with the Wizard’s staff. This has been corrected. I apologize as I am aware some people were effected and this issue did prevent the ability to purchase (so not so lucky). I am working on a non hunt item, a custom sex bed. This may take some time, as I am working with some scripters to add in unique things to the code, and if this works your avatar can sleep snugly under the covers on their bed, not just over them.

My health is still not improved but I am not getting worse, which is a good sign. I have released an experimental item in the group, as I am making a few bits of jewelry. Just things I thought were pretty, though the group item is a PROTOTYPE so the textures are not finalized.I am also working on a proper surgeon’s kit, turning my old microscope which is very high prim into a sculpt, possibly a mesh, a special Steampunk christmas tree, and a replica of a victorian teaset from a museum.At the very least I will have the Christmas decor up for sale by the end of the month, and I should finish the candelabrum this week.

I am taking part in the Sinister Steampunk Hunt, I put out two prizes (in one hunt object) to tempt you all into stopping by.


Finally I want to say it has been an honor to create the trophies for Steam5. This was an inspirational process, as not only did I get to leave my mark indelibly on one of the greatest hunts in SL, but I got to see some of the finest creations Second Life has to offer.


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