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The Unknown Hunt, Meeroo, and more!

Greetings Prim Biters! Lots of news today. First I want to announce that there are now two locations for the Bitten Prim in world. The new location is located on Decker, in the Meeroo Misfits Store. If you are a Meeroo aficionado, breeder, or just plain curious this location does have exclusive Meeroo items for you and your Meeroo. You can come and pet the Meeroo as well. Both shops have Lucky Boards and Hutches.

The second news is that the Prim will be taking part in TWO, that’s right read it again TWO Hunts. The Steam Hunt and the Unknown Hunt. The Steamhunt is a steampunk hunt for all. The Unknown hunt is unique in the fact that it only features stores that have opened in Second Life after June 1st. This is a great way for you as a customer to find new, quality items and for me as a retailer to show off my wares and hopefully gain customers. Both hunts start in September, so, come on in for some good hunty goodness. I will be adding the shop signs once I have the hunt info to give.

Finally I want to congratulate my friends Kim and Z on their wedding. They are fantastic people and it is my hope that their married life is as sweet as their single life has been. In second life if you go to the group and notices you have at least a few days to get a free piece of cake courtesy of myself. Its chooocolate!

There should be new products out by the end of the month, barring RL problems. Offline life is trying to weigh me down but I am kicking and screaming. How interested are you all in clothes? Feel free to discuss this in the group OR IM me in world OR just comment down below!


The Bitten Prim: Our First Post!

Hello everyone! If you are reading this you either clicked the sign, the link my store spams at you, were linked by a friend, got this in group, know me and heard me squeespasm, or just googled. Whichever of those it may be, welcome! I am glad you are here. My name is Mo Furman, I am the proprietor of the Bitten Prim.  This blog isn’t going to be exclusively about my shop but maybe other nifty things I find in Second Life too.

Right now the mainshop is located in Mieville ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mieville%20Doyle/122/26/24 ). This shop does not contain any of the adult items that have been or are being made for Second Life. This is due to the presence of Child Avatars. If you wish to drop me a line in SL I can talk to you about those products. I am working on finding a shop location and making some cool stuff.

In other news the group ( secondlife:///app/group/bf136ecf-981e-f785-a5ff-7fb62aff833e/about click there to Join!) is up and running. Come be a Prim Biter today! The group does get free shiny stuff no one else can have. There is even a group gift out right now. You can find information on custom content made JUST for you in my shop.

Some up coming events for this shiny new store include: The Steam Hunt, Lucky Boards and Dips, A Presence in the Second Life Market and more!

I will post more soon. Feel free to IM me in world, you may get my snarky message but I really only bite if I like you.

Morsmordre Furman

The image for the 1 prim victorian table with copy permissions for 200 Lindens. The image shows a brown wooden table with decorative whirls on a black background, with white text describing it as a 1 prim victorian table. There is a logo of an orange tabby on a purple circle holding a box.