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Good Customer Service

I know I know, I have not posted anything in a while. There actually will be updates for the store in world and my hunt item for Silk Road in June is already waiting for the hunt box to set it into. Meanwhile. I am doing other hunts myself, puttering and creating and being reminded why I give good customer service. The answer is fairly simple. I love getting it. Nothing makes me feel loyal as a consumer in Second Life or First Life more than good customer care. Being treated with respect always knocks my socks off. So here are two stores I am unaffiliated with who did great things.

First I made a purchase of a full perm mesh item on the market. It had some flaws which left me disappointed and like a lot of full perm mesh there was no demo. I would still have bought it WITH a demo but the disappointment felt increased.  I left a review which included my disappointment and the VERY good things about the item. The shop is only on the market and is called E&A. After my review every concern was addressed, I was given an updated item and was left stunned with the level of awesome that the shop owner contains. Definitely looking forward to other meshes.

Moving on to two days later and a nasty bout of insomnia leading me to do some midnight hunting where I would not ordinarily venture, I ended up at Naked which is co owned by Austin and Melly. I picked up several boxes and spent the next morning (still insomnia’d out of my gourd) poking through the loot. Most of it went smoothly but their items were elusive! SL damaged the script that unpacks things giving me just the note cards. So I dropped them a line and moved on to other packages. With profuse apologize for not receiving my notecard Austin personally got back to me well before I expected ANY possible reply. He actually startled me. I am positive this had to do with the lack of sleep, however a lack of sleep has never caused me to lose taste.

We fought the scripts for a good fifteen minutes before we got a working copy and I immediately tried on the outfit. Gorgeousness ensued, though I discovered that the most beautiful umbrella I had ever seen had lost its attachment points. Before I could fix it myself, he did and then sent me a fresh copy. I keep just wearing the thing for no reason. Went on with my day and kept thinking on this. I was talking to the blogger from What Fresh SL is This about random and assorted things and we got into talking about good customer care. In the middle of my telling him about the awesome experience yesterday, I get a notecard and a fresh package from NaKEd. The store owners are giving a fresh copy due to the broken scripts and SL tomfoolery beyond their control to everyone who found the item so far.

I immediately joined their group and realized I should blog about them. I try to give that level of customer service and when I get it, I always appreciate it. It is a reminder to me as a store owner of my own responsibilities to my consumers. I am responsible for the items I sell, and I want you as a consumer to have a good experience. Even if the item ends up not being to your satisfaction, I want to know so I can try and alter that experience.

SLURLS and Links:
NaKED- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun%20Dream/65/225/490
E&A- https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/83420
What Fresh SL is This?- http://whatfreshsl.wordpress.com/


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